About CPFA-P

A Beginning in the Philippines

This patient organization is following the very successful model established over 75 years ago in Europe, when the chiropractic profession was in its pioneer years, the Pro-Chiropractic Europe Associations known today Chiropractic Patients Federation Europe provides a model to emulate here in Asia as the chiropractic profession is once again in its pioneer years… this time in Asia. The Philippines is the first country to initiate this patient advocacy organizational design but it is fully expected that every Asian country will follow this example.

It is up to the public, the true beneficiaries of this powerful healthcare service, to support this growing profession and to encourage local government agencies to assist in the full development of the infrastructure necessary for the profession such as chiropractic colleges, department of health recognition, etc. The current slow rate of growth will remain the same if the development is expected to fall solely on private practitioners. It is time for patients to speak up and take action for their own sake and for the sake of their family and their children’s children.

Western countries have enjoyed regular access to chiropractic services and in part this has contributed to the economic power of these countries by reducing the extent of disabilities and lower productivity that accompanies spinal dysfunction. Asian countries need to catch up with these advancements but the current size of the chiropractic profession is too small for the few practitioners in each country to manage in mainstreaming this natural, drugless profession of spinal experts.

Furthermore, a chiropractic friendly media that is well represented in the Chiropractic Patients Federation can better disseminate to the public the role of chiropractic’s special public health contributions such as a National Posture Campaign espousing the importance of a healthy spine for a healthier mind and body.