Together We Can! Senate Public Hearing Update on Chiropractic Act Bill 993

Senate public hearing on chiropractic

We are happy to inform you that the Senate hearing last Tuesday, August 5, 2014 was a success!

Chiropractic was well represented in the public hearing with the following organizations:

  • Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC)
  • National Chiropractic Certification Committee (NCCC)
  • Association of Professional Chiropractic in the Philippines Inc. (APCPI)
  • Chiropractic Patients Federation in Asia- Philippines (CPFA-P)

Everyone came together united and showed support on the said Bill. Each organization had representatives that were able to express to Sen. Trillanes and the audience its desire to regulate this Act, so as to protect the public from unscrupulous misrepresentation of the profession, provide easier access to its health benefits, and put up chiropractic education in the Philippines.

CPFA-P at Senate

Thankfully, the hearing went on smoothly with no opposition that arose from other
parties. The Senator expressed that if a “peaceful hearing” like this would go on, the Chiropractic Act Bill 993 would be able to move forward quicker.

Thanks to Senator Trillanes and his staff, to the Chiropractic orgaizations, and to all of you supporters — chiropractic in the Philippines is now having major progress in its profession and service to both Filipinos and foreigners in the country.

More blessings!